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    Photo Guide

    It all starts with a great photo

    Follow these tips to upload the perfect picture for your My Comfy Canvas. When selecting a photo to upload, keep in mind the bigger the size and quality of the photo, the better! Have questions or not sure which picture is best? Contact us for help. 

    Good Lighting

    Our artists work directly from the photo you submit, so you'll want to make sure the photo you upload has good lighting. If it's too dark we may not be able to see the identifying features of your pet! Photos taken outside or in well lit areas work best. 

    Body Position

    A solo photo of your pet sitting or standing works best since we create a watercolor portrait of your pet from the shoulders up. 

    Don't Forget The Details

    If your pet has any identifying marks or colors be sure the photo you submit captures them. This will help us to ensure the portrait captures your pet's unique personality!